Heading - Usability Testing and benchmarking

We test websites, intranets, software products, consumer electronics (like photocopiers, phones and interactive TV) or hardware products (like irons, toasters and sewing machines).

We examine the usability of your competitors' products and identify the good and bad features. This knowledge gives you a head start when it comes to developing or re-developing your product. We also test your product against those of your competitors. This shows you how your product compares with other similar products in the marketplace.

Usability testing enables you to get target users involved early in your product development process. Product design can then benefit from users' unique experience and ideas while it's still practical to make design changes. Usability testing normally generates at least 100 ways of improving your product.


We typically undertake a 5-day Usability Testing work package. This has shown itself to be cost effective in identifying design issues for our customers over a broad range of product types and development stages.

  • Day 1- Define audience profile
  • Day 2 & 3 - Conduct Usability Testing
  • Day 4 - Analyse results
  • Day 5 - Report results.

What you get

During the testing activity you will get the opportunity to:

  • Observe testing taking place
  • Take part in our interactive workshop to discuss test results and implications.

On completion of the testing, we will provide you with:

  • A workshop outcome summary identifying the key design issues
  • A detailed report discussing the test results and our key recommendations
  • Detailed results spreadsheets and video recordings of test sessions.

You only need to test a few people!

Graph showing you only need to test a few people
Approximately 80-90% of usability problems associated with an interactive product can be identified by testing with as few as 6-8 test participants. Usability testing is a highly cost-effective way of ironing out potentially expensive problems before launching your product.
Adapted from Nielsen