Heading - Services Overview

Stamford offers a range of services to help you get the most from your technology investment or product, including websites, intranets, applications and other interfaces.

They include:

Expert review

Review your product to identify usability issues.

Usability evaluation

Testing your product with real users performing realistic tasks.

Navigation and information architecture

Organising the structure or content of your product to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Interface design

Designing screens and other elements that are clear, consistent and support user workflow.

Visual design

Creating a graphical layer comprising colours, images and typography to enhance the interface and content design.

Context of use studies

Gaining an understanding of what your users will need from your product and how they will use it in real life.

Product viability

Road testing your product concept early in the workshop context to determine its viability.

Accessibility audit

Assessing the extent to which your product meets Accessibility guidelines.

User experience audit

Assessing your product from 360 degrees, including usability, branding and support.

Creative copywriting

Helping you to write effective content, suitable for your product and its audience.

Additional services

Including cost benefit and ROI analysis, user-centred needs analysis, expert home page evaluation and project management.