Heading - Information Architecture

We employ user-centred techniques such as card sorting to ensure that the information architecture (IA) and organisation of information on your website or intranet is intuitive and content is easy to find.

Often the way we might chose to categorise, file and order the information we have often does not make sense to the user. It does not necessarily follow that using internal structures that make sense to you will do so to your intended user.

Information architecture determines the correct structure of your content in a logical way that makes sense to the end users. Experts in usability employ techniques that are used to elicit feedback from users such as card sorting and scenarios.

Card sorting

Card sorting is used to assist in the organisation of website content or for structuring data and functionality in an application. It is a simple technique used to discover how people classify information. It avoids assumptions about the way people group together information and allows you to design an information architecture that reflects the mental model of the anticipated audience.

The primary goal is to achieve a taxonomy that increases the chances of the user being able to locate the information they want, thereby increasing the usability of the product.