Heading - Education Overview

We offer a range of one day courses and half day workshops that cover many aspects of usability and user-centred design. All of our training material has been developed in modules, with the flexibility to combine elements from multiple courses and workshops to create your own customised training should you wish.

Each of our half day workshops comprises a series of modules. Modules from different workshops have been brought together to form our core set of one day courses.

Our courses and workshops are equally suited to website design, applications, intranets, and other interfaces.

One Day Courses

Discovering user requirements
Covering user research, workshop facilitation and team based requirements gathering.

Learning practical techniques for design
Covering writing scenarios and use cases, designing information architectures and preparing mock-ups and wireframes.

Creating good looking websites that work
Covering interface design techniques, graphic design and writing content for the web.

Testing websites for usability and Accessibility
Covering expert usability reviews, running user walkthroughs and formal usability and accessibility testing.

Half Day Workshops

  • Gathering design requirements
  • Conducting user-observation and interviews
  • Writing scenarios, use cases and personas
  • Designing information architectures
  • Developing wireframes and mock-ups
  • Designing user interfaces
  • Understanding graphic design principles
  • Writing content for your website
  • Testing user interfaces and websites
  • Designing for accessibility.