Heading - One Day courses

We’ve put together these four courses by combining a series of our workshop modules. The courses cover a wide range of usability techniques, structured around a typical development cycle. However, if you prefer, you can mix and match any modules from our half day workshops to suit your own training needs.

Discovering user requirements

Topics covered include:

  • How to conduct user site visits and interviews.
  • Establishing business goals for your application or website.
  • Facilitation skills for workshops and focus groups.
  • Team based exercises for requirements gathering.
  • How to recruit the right mix of people for a successful workshop.

Learning practical techniques for design

Topics covered include:

  • Writing scenarios, use cases and personas.
  • Card sorting – what it is and how it works.
  • Designing an intuitive information architecture.
  • A step by step guide for preparing, conducting and analysing your information architecture.
  • Developing paper mock-ups, wire frames and illustrated scenarios.
  • Running group collaborative design sessions.

Creating good looking websites that work

Topics covered include:

  • Understand the techniques for creating usable screen designs.
  • Design appropriate navigation and supporting task workflow.
  • The importance of visual design.
  • Working with icons, images and graphics.
  • Writing effective web content.
  • Managing content on your website.

Testing websites for usability and accessibility

Topics covered include:

  • Informal usability walkthroughs for early design.
  • Conducting an expert review of your website.
  • Understanding the importance of accessibility.
  • Usability testing techniques.